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Hair and Haircare For Hairdressing


´╗┐Hair and Haircare For Hairdressing

For healthy, beautiful hair, emblazon the word protein in your mind. Hair is at least 97% protein, containing 19 of the 22 amino acids that from protein. This should vividly illustrate why hair condition depends so much on the quantity and quality of protein in foods. Hair reflects poor nutrition through breaking, cracking and splitting. Dryness, brittleness, and lack luster hair can be sign of poor protein supply.
Vitamin B is vital to healthy hair growth while Vitamin A gives the hair its shine. Vitamin E helps to make the hair thick and glossy while the mineral Zinc helps the hair grow and strengthens the hair shaft. Silicon is another mineral that forms cross-links with the keratin in the hair and copper helps decide color pigment. Lack of copper leads to gray hair. Unlike skin, hair cannot repair itself, but damaged hair is replaced with new hair.
Treatment is necessary when hair is under attack from over-abrasive hair cosmetics, rough handling, pollution, stress, lack of sleep, perm, blow-drying, and over coloring as the hair loses its natural balance. Areas in the head that have muscles rarely go bald. It is the area without muscles, especially the crown area that goes bald early. Exercise and massaging of this area help to reduce the accumulated tension in the scalp and in reducing hair loss.


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