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People in Fiji — their island’s blessing


People in Fiji — their island’s blessing

People know of the many beautiful beaches and wonderful natural resources that the Pacific Islands have, but do you know about the people living and maintaining those fascinating islands? Tourists rarely have time to mingle and get to know these amazing people and culture, they may not consciously know it but partly, the people is one of the major reasons why tourists continue to flood the place.

Like in Fiji, the people in Fiji are truly a blessing to the islands, because if not for their love and pride, then those beautiful lands and waters wouldn’t be such vessels of beauty. Since most island guests prefer to know and view the Fijian island resources; then be different, focus on the people of Fiji for a change, try to understand what and where they are coming from. This way, when you learn to understand, care, and love the people, you’ll even learn to see and love the beauty of the island even more.

People in Fiji are a diverse group. Almost half are indigenous Fijians, another half are Indians, and the rest are Chinese, Europeans, and Pacific Islanders. Because of this type of population, it can’t be avoided that there will be conflicts of interests, cultural disagreements, and ethnic tensions between them. Usually the people in Fiji argue over ancestral lands, political ideas, social inequalities, etc., because each group has its own traditions and culture despite the national pride and respect they have of their country.

However, as most cultures and countries, the people in Fiji are also known and admired for their positive and valuable traits. They are a group of respectable and patriotic people. The children are happy, well mannered, and socially equipped. They have good parenting skills that people would surely learn a couple of child rearing techniques from the Fijians.

The people in Fiji continue to uphold their rich culture and heritage, they may have converted, transformed, and adapted some changes, but their good traditional customs are still present in their own ways. It’s true that when people truly imbibe in them the real values they have, it will remain in them and will surely show in their personalities even if they’ve gradually changed.

Once you get to know the Fijians, you’ll never be sorry because they are a strong, honest, and loving people. As long as you will understand who and what they are, it would surely be easy to mingle with them.


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