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A look at the Most Holy Tibet temple


A look at the Most Holy Tibet temple

A Tibet temple is considered a very sacred place for the Tibetan Buddhists. It is where their holy symbols and images are kept and honored. A Tibet temple is actually visited not just by pilgrims and Buddhists, but other tourists as well, to see and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of its place and things.

One of them that could be the most revered Tibet temple in the area is the Jokhang Temple. Most Tibetans acknowledge that this is Tibetan Buddhism’s Most Holy Shrine, and has become the center of the pilgrimage destination. Jokhang, meaning “House of the Lord” is rich in history, and its present beautiful and wonderful structure is a result of multiple renovations. Though it was first built in the 7th century, the magnificence we see now in this temple is greatly attributed to its reconstruction in the 17th century, as commissioned by the Fifth Dalai Lama. It houses the Jowo Buddha, which is a gift of the Chinese Princess Wencheng, when she first arrived in Tibet.

This Tibet temple is a four-storey complex on a six-acre land; making the fourth storey as an open roof. On its façade is a golden Dharma Wheel with two deer on each side to welcome the visitors. It is amazing how these symbols are well respected by a huge group of pilgrims, as they gather at this entrance to venerate. On the way to the hall are hundreds of votive lamps that light the sacred passageway. On the first floor are chapels dedicated to a particular deity, monk, or king. In its core is an inner sanctum where people worship the statues of buddhas. On the third floor are pavilions and the monks’ living quarters. The whole Jokhang temple is filled with murals depicting 18th-19th century art.

Jokhang temple is the most celebrated and visited Tibet temple, because of its history, wondrous structure and the priceless statues in it. But there are still other temples around the area, probably, not that stopped at, but still has the very essence of holiness, sacredness, spirituality and pureness that pilgrims search.

A Tibet temple is the country’s center for veneration, respect, reverence, worship and peace. Most of the tourists may look at it as a tourist destination to marvel at its uniqueness and beauty, but for the pilgrims and Buddhists, it is a holy place where they can pay tribute to the beings and centers of their spirituality.


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